Exercise Prescription for Resistance Training

31 Jan

When designing a resistance training program, there are many programming variables that can affect the outcome that you will see as result of putting physical stress on your body.  Based on the goals that you’ve identified, your body will respond to the stimulus that you provide it.  If you want to get the greatest return for time spent training, train how your body will best respond.  Watch for another post on determining you One Rep Max for a lift, which will help you figure out proper load.  Until then, work within the sets/reps/rest of the prescription ONLY within the domain of where you can maintain good form and demonstrate proper technique.  Once the motor recruitment patterns are a little more established, it will be a good time to start load testing.  Until then, use this chart as a guide:

Goal    Endurance   Hypertrophy    Strength
Load (% 1RM)      < 70%    70%-80%      80% <
Sets         3        4        5
Repetitions      12 to 8      8 to 5   5 or Fewer
Rest      < 1min      1-2min     2 min <

Some More reading if you want to go down the rabbit hole:




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