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11 Apr

I have an old rugby injury to my left shoulder that flares up every now and again, making any movement of the joint extremely painful. I pride myself on having the knowledge and experience to fix most musculoskeletal issues I have, but the shoulder always vexed me. It flared up again last week, and I was able to get in to my local Active Release Technique chiropractor, which alleviated the pain for a few days, but it never went away… until I got my hands on a brand new Leopard Claw soft tissue mobilization tool. I was immediately able to dig in to the muscles pulling my joint out of position, unlock my joint and make my pain disappear. To have a IASTM tool that replaces four different tools, and won’t be confiscated by TSA when I fly is a huge boon. I’m totally digging the utility of this device and the Mobility WOD knowledge to back it up. Check out the tool and the seminars they’re putting on.Leopard Claw Mobility2L2A3620-510x600


BLM Roseburg 6/25/2014

26 Jun

Thank you all for your attentiveness and participation today.  It is always my aim to empower people with knowledge and tools to thrive and I hope you got one or two good takeaways.  Below are the links to my presentations:



The author I referenced was Gary Taubes.  You can get his book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” or read his article “What if it’s all been a big fat lie?”

Please let me know how any follow up is going, or if you have any questions. I’m here to help.  I look forward to hearing more from you soon.



Shamrock ‘n Run 5K

21 Feb

Shamrock ‘n Run 5K

One of my students and trainers at The Rec is putting on a 5K next Saturday.  Looks fun, details are below if you want to check it out:

“Here is the link to register for the 5K my Sorority is putting on next Saturday March 1st! Thank you so much for helping me spread the word!

Sierra Hakanson

And here is out website with more information about our philanthropy and other events!”

Winter 2014 CrossFit Paper Assignment

2 Feb

The newest Club Sport at the University of Oregon is the CrossFit Club.  Several Universities around the U.S. already have CrossFit Clubs, and more will be adding CrossFit both as a class (like what you are enrolled in) as well as a recreational club.  It may grow soon to where universities are competing against one another (WSU and EWU clubs already exist in the Northwest) the same way Ultimate Frisbee or Rugby do.  Your assignment is to email me or hand in a paper to me by Thursday, March 6th (week 9) that is 1-3 pages, double-spaced and triple-checked for grammar on whether or not you think CrossFit should be a Club Sport, and its potential for impact on future students and/or possibilities for growth.  

If you’d rather write a paper on another topic, email me your proposal and I will most certainly consider it.

Coach Barak’s Crossfit 2 Companion Guide

11 Jan

Coach Barak’s Crossfit 2 Companion Guide

You can download it following the link above.  Coach B put it together as a supplement to give you more training building on what we’ve been teaching in class.  If you do follow it, let us know, we’d appreciate the feedback.

Winter Strength & Conditioning

9 Dec

Winter Break Strength Cycle
This four week cycle has one outcome intended; become more powerful. There won’t be a lot of
conditioning built into it, but if you’re able to and feel the desire to complete some conditioning
workouts, feel free to cherry pick a few from previous workouts I’ve given you, but don’t let it affect the
strength work. Use week zero to test your 1 Rep Maxes on Front Squat, Deadlift and Push Press,
because that’s all you’re doing for the next three weeks, and it is percentage based off of your maxes.
You’ll need to get to a weight room four days a week, so plan your schedules accordingly. Consider
Finals week the zero week, which should give you a welcome break and help with studying. You will
want a minimum 2 minutes rest between all sets, and will really need to warm up to prep your body for
the workout as the cycle drags on. This is meant for size and strength, so your mission on break is Eat,
Sleep and Lift! This is foundational to building other physical skills.

Questions? Email me stever0321 at or

call/text (Two Zero Six)-795-6368.

Demo Videos:

Front Squat:


Push Press:
Week Zero
Day 1 – Practice Front Squat, work up to a heavy set of five reps
Day 2 – Practice Deadlift, work up to a heavy triple
Day 3 – Practice Shoulder Press & Push Press. Find your 1RM for both.
Day 4 – Find 1RM for Front Squat THEN Deadlift, only count reps with good form.
Week 1
Day 1 – Front Squat 70% 4×9
Deadlift 65% 5×5
Push Press 80% 4×7
Day 2 – Front Squat 75% 5×7
Deadlift 70% 4×6
Push Press 85% 4×6
Day 3 – Front Squat 80% 7×5
Deadlift 75% 3×8 Push Press 90% 5×5
Day 4 – Front Squat 85% 10×3
Deadlift DNP
Push Press 90% 6×4
Week 2 – Add 20lbs to all FS%, 30lbs. to all DL%, and 5-10lbs. to all PP %
Day 1 – Front Squat 70% 4×9
Deadlift 65% 5×5
Push Press 80% 4×7
Day 2 – Front Squat 75% 5×7
Deadlift 70% 4×6
Push Press 85% 4×6
Day 3 – Front Squat 80% 7×5
Deadlift 75% 3×8
Push Press 90% 5×5
Day 4 – Front Squat 85% 10×3
Deadlift DNP
Push Press 90% 6×4
Week 3 – The 50% # is based on the new numbers from Week 2
Day 1 – Front Squat 50% 5×5
Deadlift 50% 5×5
Push Press 50% 5×5
*rest at least two days before retesting
Day 2 – Retest new 1RM’s
Day 3 – Retest new 1RM’s

BLM Nutrition Talk

20 Nov

Thanks for your attention and questions.  This post should serve as a good follow up resource, and you can always email  me with additional questions as well.

You can view my slideshow presentation here.

If you’re looking for a great, active community where you can start training, I recommend CrossFit Roseburg.  Dave runs a tight ship there.

A great site that is an invaluable nutritional resource belongs to my buddy, Robb Wolf.  Check out his site here.

Finally, if you liked what I had to say, today was a very macro view of nutrition.  I can very easily go more in depth on any number of topics that may interest you.  Just let your management team know, and we’ll work to make it happen.  Your optimal health and well being is our goal.


UW Rugby Summer S&C

31 May

<a href="” title=”UW Rugby Summer S&C”>UW Rugby Summer S&C

CrossFit Paper Assignment

28 May

To clarify what I want from you to fulfill the academic requirement for this CrossFit Class:

Write a 1-2 page paper if you were to explain to a friend or family member what your interpretation of CrossFit is, and little bit more specifically on the class you’ve been taking at the UofO.

Spring Term ’13 CrossFit Day 1

1 Apr

Great job on the first workout today.  Your scores are posted below.  I won’t make a regular habit of posting photos, and I encourage you to keep track of your workouts on your own from here on.  See you on Weds.