Winter 2014 CrossFit Paper Assignment

2 Feb

The newest Club Sport at the University of Oregon is the CrossFit Club.  Several Universities around the U.S. already have CrossFit Clubs, and more will be adding CrossFit both as a class (like what you are enrolled in) as well as a recreational club.  It may grow soon to where universities are competing against one another (WSU and EWU clubs already exist in the Northwest) the same way Ultimate Frisbee or Rugby do.  Your assignment is to email me or hand in a paper to me by Thursday, March 6th (week 9) that is 1-3 pages, double-spaced and triple-checked for grammar on whether or not you think CrossFit should be a Club Sport, and its potential for impact on future students and/or possibilities for growth.  

If you’d rather write a paper on another topic, email me your proposal and I will most certainly consider it.

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