11 Apr

I have an old rugby injury to my left shoulder that flares up every now and again, making any movement of the joint extremely painful. I pride myself on having the knowledge and experience to fix most musculoskeletal issues I have, but the shoulder always vexed me. It flared up again last week, and I was able to get in to my local Active Release Technique chiropractor, which alleviated the pain for a few days, but it never went away… until I got my hands on a brand new Leopard Claw soft tissue mobilization tool. I was immediately able to dig in to the muscles pulling my joint out of position, unlock my joint and make my pain disappear. To have a IASTM tool that replaces four different tools, and won’t be confiscated by TSA when I fly is a huge boon. I’m totally digging the utility of this device and the Mobility WOD knowledge to back it up. Check out the tool and the seminars they’re putting on.Leopard Claw Mobility2L2A3620-510x600

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