UW Rugby Summer S&C

31 May

<a href="” title=”UW Rugby Summer S&C”>UW Rugby Summer S&C

CrossFit Paper Assignment

28 May

To clarify what I want from you to fulfill the academic requirement for this CrossFit Class:

Write a 1-2 page paper if you were to explain to a friend or family member what your interpretation of CrossFit is, and little bit more specifically on the class you’ve been taking at the UofO.

Spring Term ’13 CrossFit Day 1

1 Apr

Great job on the first workout today.  Your scores are posted below.  I won’t make a regular habit of posting photos, and I encourage you to keep track of your workouts on your own from here on.  See you on Weds.




Thanks for the Papers

6 Mar

Thanks for the Papers


3oeu49Laugh a little.


5K Course

9 Feb

Here’s the map for the 5K course:

15th to Fairmount
Fairmount to Columbia
Right on 24th
Right on University
Right on 15th
One lap around Turf Field

Please hydrate properly for the run, it should’t be any harder than anything else we’ve done. Headphones are OK  for the run, see you then!

You can also open it in Google Maps here, then scroll down and hit the ‘3D’ button and it will give you a preview of the whole route, very useful to those who are easily lost.

CrossFit 2 Course Calendar

15 Jan

CrossFit 2, in case you wanted to know what we’ll be doing this term, you can download the .pdf below:

Course Calendar PEW 399 CrossFit2


CrossFit 2 Companion Guide

15 Jan

CrossFit Students (and the random Speed & Agility Student looking for more programming)

See below to download the companion guide of CrossFit programming.  It is meant to be done with our M/W classes so that you have the weekends to recover.  If you do follow this please let me know so we can more closely track you progress.

CrossFit2 Companion Guide


Credit to Coach Spencer McGuinn for doing almost all the work in putting this together.